Working With You To Build A Website That Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Advent Melodies is a mobile friendly WordPress website designer. We designing and building WordPress websites that help you reach your target audience and your definable measurable goals.. In today's world of high tech and high connectivity, it is important to have your own online presence. This presence begins with a website. Advent Melodies is here to help you build your online presence. That website should be mobile friendly, since a mobile friendly website design can be easily viewed across a range of devices.   There are many people around the world who only have internet access via a smartphone or other mobile devices. Therefore, to build your presence across the web and reach more people, a mobile friendly approach is crucial. Consider all the potential visitors you would miss if your website is not mobile friendly! Or the goodwill you could lose, due to your visitors' frustration when they try to read you website on a smartphone.

Do you already have a website? How long has it been since it was reviewed and the design and technology brought up to date? It is very important to keep your website fresh and active. Website technologies and practices are regularly changing and keeping up to date and refreshing your website is very important. Also, visitors needs and desires change over time and the user experience plays a great deal in the success of your website meeting your objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Establishing a social media strategy is an important part of building your online presence.  This strategy needs to be developed during the website design process.  Because your social media connections will be built into the website. Using social media is a good way to attract new visitors and keep connected with your regular visitors. Another way to attract new visitors is online marketing.  This is where you use pay-per-click advertising on Google and other locations. Among other types of advertising. And finally, there is e-mail marketing. It is where you regularly send out emails to people on your subscribers list. Email marketing is especially relevant to your regular visitors. It is a way to build relationships with them.  In addition to a regular newsletter,  the use of email only special offers, customer surveys, etc.are also part of a great email marking strategy.